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Liftstar WEMS series semi electric fork over stackers with 1000/1500/2000kgs capacity and WMS-E series
manual fork over stackers with 1000/1500kgs capacity, years experience of manufacturing ensure the
reliable quality and best feeling of operation.
1. With handle return gas spring, brake, protection wheel cap, protection net.
2. Compact vehicle design provides exceptional maneuverability in tight areas.
3. Adjustable bended and forged fork.
4. Lifting supporting leg keeps stacker steady when lifting or lowering.
What kind of smart design can be made in simple products, semi electric stacker and manual stacker.
1. Smart mast roller, adjusting eccentric bearing ensure mast verticality, keep mast veridicality from
89.3-89.7 degeree.
2. Smart supporting leg, steel tube is inside of leg square steel, ensure strength of supporting leg.
3. Smart design to reduce the noisy when unloading running by a special screw with spring and tip.
4. Stronger backrest, full welding from front to back of backrest, ensure the strength.

WMS-1600E Series
WMS1000 Series
WMS1500 Series
WMS-A1000 Series
WMS-A1500 Series
WEMS-E1000 Series
WEMS-E1500 Series
WEMS-A1000 Series
WEMS-A1500 Series