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Liftstar introduced its first Rider Pallet Truck to the market in 1998. With over 15 years' experience in manufacturing, Liftstar Rider Pallet Trucks are No. 1 in China both in the terms of quality and quantity.
1. Liftstar place great emphasis on independent innovation, from traditional DC Rider Pallet Truks to current AC&EPS Rider Pallet Trucks, new models are launched every year to deliver the best to our customers.
2. After over three years' design and test, Liftstar launched new Rider Pallet Truck WP46-25 with AC&EPS in 2009. It is the first and only Rider Pallet Truck with AC&EPS standard equipped in China. Up to today, it has become a proven reliable product standing the test of world market for 5 years.
3. Standard equipped with EPS (Electric Powering Steering), WP 46-25 stands itself out other electric Rider Pallet Trucks. It is the most preferred rider pallet truck for any application, improves operator comfort and productivity.
4. Liftstar introduced economical rider pallet truck WP 41-20 in , which is the most cost-effective rider pallet truck in China.
5. For models equipped with EPS, Liftstar rider pallet trucks can also be equipped with Moonwalk and Cornering Speed.
6. Moonwalk alows the user to operate the unit from the side,
which alows for better visibility and requires less space when working in narow aisles. Cornering Speed features automatic sped reduction technology for sharp corner turns.
7. Liftstar Quite Night design reduces lifting noise to less than 60 dB, which is among the lowest in the industry.
8. WP49-20/25 is an high speed rider pallet truck. Featuring high speed and high efficiency, it has become the most popular rider pallet truck to Europe.

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