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2014 new innovation from Liftstar---Quiet Night
Silence:the new innovation from Liftstar in 2014 for electric pallet trucks , noise level lower than 60 dB,which is the lowest in China,even in the world.

In 2014, Liftstar launches Silence version of its popular electric pallet trucks, like WP15-20 and WP46-25. It is designed to meet the growing demand from industry, government and customers for quieter materials handling solutions. Quieter equipment is more and more necessary in our daily work, particularly those involving shops located in residential areas.

Why we need Quiet Night?
1. Noise pollution: loud noise is harmful to the hearing. As the development of the electric pallet trucks in this industry, high quality products with the need for a good living environment meets todays' business requirements.
2. Silence means a more comfortable work environment. The workers will feel tired soon in a noisy working environment. But with noise levels that do not exceed 60 dB, the operators will have a more wonderful experience when they using the trucks.
3.To be quiet is necessary for after-hours deliveries, especially operating at night, or early in the morning, in residential areas.

What's the meaning of quieter material handling solution?
Compared with any other traditional electric pallet trucks, Liftstar Silence innovation is a great leap in this industry. Quieter equipments means all parts are fitting better, a better lubrication and less wear. It ensures the equipment a longer lifetime and provides a more comfortable operation to the workers .
Meanwhile, Liftstar engineers have carefully developed the special design for the core components in order to confirm with lower noise requirement but keeps the high quality.
It shows that it is possible to achieve excellent performance while still providing highly productive, cost-effective solutions.

Liftstar Silence version WP15-20&WP46-25 noise level test videos on Youtube :