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In order to provide our distributors and users with easier, faster and more convenient service, Liftstar updated the after-sale service & supporting system.

How to make it EASIER?

Easier maintenance &repairing

1. Failure diagnosis: the vehicle failures are divided into driving failure and lifting failure, also users will find out the possible failure cause by analyzing the failure phenomenon.
2. Detecting: distributors can find most of the electronic components & parts detecting videos and necessary tools in the liftstar.cn data base, and also including the preconditions and cautions of the detecting.
3. Maintenance and repair: distributors can find most of the components removed video, repairing video, installation video in the data base, and also including special methods and cautions.
4. Special tools: Liftstar provides paying special tool suite suitable for the vehicle to distributors, including repairing tool, component remove tool and packing & unpacking tools etc. which is difficult to purchase from the market.

Easier sale

1. Liftstar will bring out Reach Truck, Reach Stacker new series to complete the product line, make our partners' sale more Easier.
2. Liftstar will bring out Economical Pallet Truck and Stacker to suit different market requirement.
3. Faster reaction: 3 days lead time for spare parts, 15 working days delivery time for standard vehicles.

Easier warranty claim

Claims will be firstly get through (deliver parts first) and then verified, to meet the customer's requirements at the first time.