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As a leading Warehouse Equipment Manufacturer in China, Liftstar has the independent design and R&D strength, great ability of production.
  • Quiet Night

    - The lifting noise level for electric pallet truck is lower than 60dB, which is one of the lowest in the world.
    - The electric stacker's lifting noise level is around 69dB, which will protect operators'healthy.
  • Cornering Speed

    - Brake override label helps operators quickly locate brake override zone.
    - Allows travel at reduced speeds with the handle positioned in the brake override zone.

  • MoonWalk

    - Great view at side operating, more safety and comfortable for stacking.
    - Comparing with vertical-handle driving function, much convenient and easy to operate.
    - It will be great help for narrow aisle, container loading, supermarket such working area.
  • Production

    - Injection mold cover, high precision, good appearance.
    - CNC machine ensures high precision of the components, including pin roll, connecting rod,frame, etc.
    - Chassis lifetime up to 10 years.
  • Design

    - The reasonable location of balance wheel makes the turning radius very short, suitable for confined place operation.
    - Lift limitation function protects hydraulic motor, battery and save energy.
    - Sideway battery design, easy for replacement.
  • EPS System

    - LIFTSTAR designed EPS system, tested by the market for 3 years, high reliability.
    - High efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise.
  • AC driving system

    - Encoder of exterior location, easy for replacement.
    - Brushless, regenerative brake.
    - Powerful AC driving motor.
  • Floating structure of driving unit

    - Prevents wheel slip.
    - Strong spring works for unloaded situation and reinforcing cylinder assists to
    increase traction according to loading weight.

  • Safety

    - Automatic slow down when the mast height reaches 1.5m.
    - Automatic slow down for corner sharp turn.
    - Emergency reverse back: enhance operation safety.
    - LIFTSTAR designed&produced charger with less than 0.1% failure rate.