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self propelled stackers greatly improve storage efficiency
2016-08-08 by bridge
Electric Stacker is battery power as an energy source, electrical storage device as a power source. The main structures include: batteries, motors, liftstar electric reach stackers hydraulic pumps, cylinders, piston rod, forks, chains, controller, etc. devices. self propelled stackers main function is to raise the weights to the desired height. Generally used in warehouses, workshops and other material handling needs a place, with tray use, can greatly improve storage efficiency. So Electric Stacker has been called electric pallet stacker. Electric Stacker has been divided into two categories: Full Electric Stacker and semi-electric stacker. self-Propelled Pallet Stacker is designed to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty applications. Available in either a 2-stage or 3-stage telescoping masts and lift heights ranging from 124" to 234". Adjustable forks and straddle legs. Key switch, emergency switch and battery discharge indicator.

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