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Self-propelled stacker working principle
2016-07-27 by liftstar
self propelled stackers work on the cantilever principle: the weight of the load is borne on the straddle legs beneath the forks. This means that if you intend to load pallet racks, you must keep the lowest beam level high enough to allow the wheels in the front of the stacker's straddle legs to pass under the beam. The electric stackers is equipped with long service life traction; the batteries provide ample energy for one work shift operation. The stacker heights ranges from 1000kgs to 2000kg, stacker height from up to 3.7 meters high, which makes it an ideal tool for stacking in aisles that forklift can not access. In addition, the electric pallet stacker offers a high level of working safety, comfort and functionality. Durable and rigid fork lift steel frame construction ensures the stackers to handle heavy loads.

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