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self propelled stackers handle with plastic wrap
2014-05-19 by xiugai
hand pallet trucks handle with plastic wrap, and effectively prevent the hand sliding handle cold winter hand pallet trucks using whole hand pallet trucks spool, make maintenance easier, greatly reducing maintenance time.
hand pallet trucks not using the handbrake model also incorporates the foot brake function, so that the brake function easier to use.
4 4 t / 5 t truck China Dragon of hand Counter-balance Stacker pallet truck series as conventional products sold, not as shaped customized products.
hand pallet truck series shaped vans, long can be customized 500-3000mm, wide can be customized 520-1000mm.
forks used earthworm Chinese steel hand pallet trucks compared to the same kinds of products, thicker and better.
Chinese Dragon of supply manual hydraulic stacker, semi-electric stacker, hand pallet trucks, electric pallet truck, etc.

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