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Mobile beet stackers save huge unloading fee
2016-03-04 by liftstar

Maintenance company to mobilize bone engineering power units, tight design devote this equipment installation work, after processing more than six months,self propelled stackers , successfully put into use in purchasing beet. The device based on the produced last year QTJ - I mobile beet stacking machine, mobile inconvenience, suitable for equipment dumping models and unloading food slowly some shortcomings were improved, make it more scientific and rational economic applicable, to meet the 6 meters (all dump truck rollover, Hou Fan) unloading.

Loading capacity of 20 tons of vehicles,manual stackers , ten minutes can be easily completed unloading, stacking, impurity transport work. The device can not only reduce the mud mixed with sugar beet in the use of the process, raise a net head rate and work efficiency, but also the source of production from sugar beet processing to solve the difficult problem of employment. The 69 group of more than 5 tons of sugar beet station acquisition,hand pallet trucks ,28000 tons by stacking machine for sugar beet growers dump, saving the unloading costs more than 200 thousand yuan.

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