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Boom overhang electric lift self propelled stackers
2014-10-08 by xiugai
Boom overhang electric lift can work across some obstacles or in a multi-point lifting operations can be carried out; 360 degree rotation, the platform carrying capacity, for simultaneous operation of two or more persons may carry certain equipment; lifting platform mobility, easy transfer of venue; appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Suitable for a wide range of stations, terminals, shopping malls, self propelled stackers, residential liftstar Electric store Positioner property, factories and other operations workshop.
Features: high quality structural steel, single-sided double-sided welding molding process, imported or domestic joint pump station pump stations, aerial lift platform is equipped with balancing valves, automatic packing and other safety devices, the platform is safe and reliable and durable. The series lifts have mobile and flexible, stable lifting, carrying capacity, easy to operate,

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