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resulting self propelled stackers in fatigue failure resulting in fracture damage.
2014-09-02 by xiugai
The main cause of hoisting rope breaking much more for lifting angle> 120 degrees, so a tensile strength exceeding the limit while hoisting rope pull off; hoisting rope inappropriate choice of varieties and specifications, or still use the scissor lift table standard has reached the scrap lifting heavy rope tied cause hoisting rope breaking; contact points between self propelled stackers the hoisting rope and heavy without pads and other protective measures, resulting in the emergence of angular cut rope hoisting rope breaking accident.hook breaking accident Hook breaking accident refers to the weight loss caused by the accident hook fracture. Cause breaking hook hook material cause of the accident, mostly defective hook section decreases due to chronic Straddle stackers wear and tear has reached the limits of the standard but still use scrap or use frequently overloaded, resulting in fatigue failure resulting in fracture damage.
Lost lifting machinery accidents self propelled stackers occurred mainly in the lifting mechanism extract winding system, in addition to rope off, decoupling, off the ropes and off the hook, but each is fixed at both ends of the hoisting rope is also very important, such as wire rope on the drum are the limits to ensure the safety circle circle in two or more, whether a downward limit protection, steel plate and wedge fixed structure fixed on the drum unit if it is safe and reasonable. Another rope off the tank (from the rope reel slots) or off the wheel (from the pulley> Lost accident accident will happen.

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