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self propelled stackers leading to price and brand products far
2014-09-01 by xiugai
The most important factor is the brand. Brand was originally intended to facilitate the identification products. And now, the brand has become an intangible asset, whether directly affect the consumer to buy your product.
Take the chain hoist is concerned, imported brand chain hoists, chain hoists made numerous brands, customers have been impossible to carry out the selection and then try to buy, but at the moment, the brand is the only way customers electric platform stacker purchase decision factors, such as import elephant Kito made two birds with chain hoists, hand chain hoists and other brands of similar products. Higher brand awareness, even if the consumer has not been used, also because of the effect away Select brand because these products. And like some of the less well-known brands, or even no brand hydraulic hand truck customers have not heard, is not to understand, let alone to buy it. Only by reducing the temptation of such products to allow customers to purchase price. Over time, the price is getting lower and lower, the quality is getting worse, leading to price and brand products far.
As the saying goes, a sub-price goods, remember not covet low prices and buy a product, otherwise, be taken or their own.

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