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Beet stackers play a huge role
2015-04-07 by xiugai

In November 30, 2014, the acquisition of the fourth division 69 regiment Luhua sugar in beet station employees against the strong wind, after continuous operation for eight hours, the disintegration of beet stack machine loading, safety back to the company, the successful completion of the equipment in the food of the mission".

QTJ- type mobile beet piler is one of the key technological transformation project investment about 600000 yuan of the company, the company is using their own technology, and technological achievements of independent innovation,self propelled stackers are the company's own R & D and beet stackers second generation products, play a great role in the whole period of food.

It is understood, according to the stack machine in this dish up the economic benefits, the company plans to continue to increase investment to four units next year, processing a stack machine, the continuous improvement of equipment technology,Hand lifter , the automation equipment plays a positive role in sugar beet processing industry.

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