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Full electric pallet trucks with small size self propelled stackers
2015-12-28 by liftstar
Full electric pallet trucks with small size, light weight, carrying capacity, easy to operate features, with appropriate pallets and containers for Electric Hand Pallet Jacks unit handling the material, can reduce loading times, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, is conducive to production management, to civilization handling civilization placed purposes. Full electric pallet truck in advanced foreign enterprises has become an indispensable handling, handling tools.
Full electric pallet truck hand pallet truck with respect to the following characteristics:
1, the body is small, light weight, can work in a narrow channel, can loaded into the elevator, and can work in a light load floor.
2, all control components are concentrated in the handle ends, simple operation, without professional driving.
3, high-efficiency DC traction motors, traction, walking speed, walking, able to withstand heavy material handling.
4, the lifting system using integrated pump stations, upgrade button to start gently hold the material can start declining button, hydraulic auto-reply, the material can be put down slowly.
5, walking speed control choice of the liftstar Electric fork over stacker latest type MOS transistor variable speed system, according to the loading of goods, the surrounding environment, free of control forward and backward speed operation. (Such as the use of imported variable speed system, may be prepared a number of control programs, the better.

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