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2.1 through shot blasting chamber
2015-01-12 by xiugai
By shot-blasting chamber consists of the cleaning chamber body, shot blasting, projectile circulatory system, ventilation and dust removal system, liftstar hydraulic hand truck the bottom of the foundation and electrical control systems. Sizes can be designed according to different non-standard specifications of the workpiece, the device can also be used stereotypes.
By shot-blasting room for construction machinery structure, surface cleaning malleable pieces, strengthen, and thus obtain a certain roughness and smooth surface, increasing the coating adhesion, improve workpiece anti-corrosion effect. When the workpiece into the blasting chamber by a motor driven centrifugal blast wheel speed projectiles thrown, the strong impact of the workpiece surface rust, scale. Workpiece uniform motion or rotation after several Semi Electric Stackers clean, surface quality can be achieved grade Sa2 ~ Sa2. 5 standards.

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