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Note the use of pressure maintenance and truck scales self propelled stackers
2015-01-22 by xiugai
First, the problems of interpretation:
1, place heavy objects not too far before (ie two tines tip section)
2, field calibration weights low quality
3, truck use the right way, try not to weigh in on the move
4, does not exclude transport, squeeze, liftstar counter balance stackers drag a heavy object, secretly calibration possible
5. ban the barbaric use
Two measures:
A re-calibration
① weight greater than 1T, less than 2T (1.5T calibration)
② forklift raised about 2cm calibration
③ placement in the middle of the table after partial (handle section)
2, was called before the weight can not be partial, that can not go beyond the front end of two head position sensors, such as pallets, pallet tines must not exceed
3, as well as weighing error:
Methods ①: The truck rose to the highest, with a piece of paper inserted into the scales cover the four sides of the fork gap paddling around to see if there are places on the list, if the problem can be a suitable tool by Alice from
Method ②: raise tines cover, loosen the sensor retainer, with a large flathead screwdriver to adjust upwards, and then loaded on retainer can be. If there is no adjustment screw on the sensor, you can then remove the tines loosen the retainer cap, then the cap under the four screws in 2-3 turns can be.
Methods ③: Check to see whether the touch liftstar scissor lift table retainer rod, such as touch directly remove the retainer, try scales once, if not installed removable retainer useful.
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