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Electric self propelled Stacker is battery power as an energy source
2014-11-26 by xiugai
Electric Stacker is battery power as an energy source, electrical storage device as a power source. The main structures include: batteries, motors, liftstar electric reach stackers hydraulic pumps, cylinders, piston rod, forks, chains, controller, etc. devices. Its main function is to raise the weights to the desired height. Generally used in warehouses, workshops and other material handling needs a place, with tray use, can greatly improve storage efficiency. So Electric Stacker has been called electric pallet stacker. Electric Stacker has been divided into two categories: Full Electric Stacker and semi-electric stacker.
Semi-electric stacker, electric stacker, full electric stacker, electric motor-powered, battery for an industrial handling vehicles energy refers to a piece of cargo loading and unloading pallets, forklift, stacking and short distance wheeled transport vehicle transport operations. International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 called industrial vehicles. Electric Stacker include: full electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, Reach Stacker, Reach full electric stacker, Reach Stacker, pedestrian counterbalanced stacker. Electric Stacker widely used in factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, ports, liftstar counter balance stackers railway stations, airports, freight yard, and access to the cabin, loading and unloading, cargo handling operations inside pallets and containers. Is a pallet transport, container transport essential equipment.

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