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self propelled stackers e and joints should be specified.
2014-08-25 by xiugai
1 , various safety devices and various indicating instruments should be complete and reliable.
2 , wire rope and joints should be specified.
3 , fuel , lubricating oil , cooling water, oil, liquid , and should be sufficient .
4, the connection should be no loose.
5 , the crane must have stereo electric platform stacker speakers or clear tones and other signals .
6 , before the crane work , you should note that the crane boom slewing range should be free of obstructions .
7 , when the heavy lifting, the feet should be placed on the driver's brake pedal , and close attention to lifting lifting objects , rendering lifting objects reached its peak.
8 , hanging objects while driving self propelled stackers should pay attention to the ground level and a solid case against skew dumping.
9 , when walking with load , the load should not exceed 70% by weight allowed from walking the road should be a solid formation, the boom Post lifter should be in front of the track , heavy height from the ground shall not exceed 0.5m, and should leash rope . Prohibited long-range load exercise .
10 , while working at the pit side of the fuselage and the pit should maintain the necessary distance based on soil conditions , to prevent landslides.
11 , after obtaining a driver lifting signal emitted by the signalman must be returned to its port after lifting .
12 , when lifting heavy objects , hook wire rope should remain vertical . Hanging from the first floor 200-500mm, check to make sure the self propelled stackers crane stability , reliability and lashing rear brake firmly , in order to continue lifting.
13 , after the crane work , turn off the engine , put the lever in neutral position , each brake brake die, operating room closed lock .
14 , all maintenance , repair and adjustment and lubrication work must be carried out when the engine is stopped .

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