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forklift Rated lifting weight propelled stackers
2014-11-18 by xiugai
Rated lifting weight: When forklift nominal weight refers to the distance between the center of gravity fork front wall of the cargo is not greater than the load center distance, allowing maximum weight rose from goods to t (t), said. When the center of gravity of the cargo on the forks beyond the time specified load center distance, due to the longitudinal stability of the forklift, lifting weight should be reduced accordingly.
2, Load center: Load center refers placed on a standard cargo fork, its center of gravity vertical cross section of the front wall of the arrival of the horizontal distance T self propelled stackersCounter-balance Stacker , in mm (millimeters). Provisions for 1T to 4T forklift load center distance 500mm.
3, the maximum lifting height: maximum lifting height refers on a flat solid ground, truck loaded with goods rose to the highest position, the upper surface of the horizontal section of the fork truck from ground level where the vertical distance.
4, mast tilt: tilt mast means no load truck on a flat solid ground, mast vertical position relative to its maximum tilt forward or backward. Anteversion role is to facilitate the fork to take place and unloading cargo; after dip role is when the truck with freight line to prevent cargo from slipping off the forks. Inclination of the front truck is generally 3 ° ~ 6 °, the angle is 10 ° ~ 12 °.
5, the maximum lifting speed: Forklift maximum lifting speed usually refers to the forklift loaded with cargo lifting the maximum speed in m / min (m / min), said. Increase the maximum lifting speed can improve operational efficiency, but lifting too fast, prone to cargo damage and engine damage accident. Currently the largest forklift hoisting speed has been increased to 20m / min.
6, the maximum speed; increase travel speed has a great influence on improving operational efficiency forklift. 1t of the starting weight of internal combustion forklifts, its full maximum speed of not less than 17m / min.
7, the minimum turning radius: When the truck in no-load low speed, turn the steering wheel when playing the outermost and innermost body to turn the liftstar Electric fork over stacker center of the minimum distance, called the minimum turning radius Rmin outer lateral and medial minimum turning radius rmin within . The minimum lateral smaller turning radius, when you turn the truck floor space required is smaller, better maneuverability.

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