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Tower crane lift table safety device
2016-04-11 by liftstar
Tower crane installation shall not be used for aluminum conductors and rebar or underground grounding grounding wire . Bolted end wires must have a . Ground consists of the following three ways:
grounding body with regular ground piles, or 33 * 4.5 1.5m long steel pipe , or 70 * 70 angle of 1.5m long.ground plate with steel, or other cast metal plate, an area of one square meter . Li buried depths of 1.5m from the ground .section of not less than 28 mm , or Fixed lift table copper conductor cross-section of not less than 50 mm steel conductors buried trunking , the length of the grounding resistor embedded decide .In the above three ways , grounding copper wire leads cross-sectional area of not less than 25 , if the poor conductivity of soil can be buried in the soil, sodium chloride ( table salt ) . Then irrigation. For walking tower crane , each rail must be grounded , two wire connections between tracks application . Between the two rails should also be electrically connected to ground resistance of less than hook safety device : to prevent the hook on the sling from slipping off the hook on the automatic safety device . Ie install a hook opening compress spring , the opening closed this spring can only press down on, pulls up into the sling after not prevent the sling off automatically .Roll safety device : to prevent improper beyond the rope winding drum due to accidents caused outside the effective measures . Its practice vary, mainly in the outer welding a steel roll enveloped limit rope can be moved within the drum . Fixed base : digging a groove depth of 600mm, the dust Hand fixed lift table poured concrete , smooth surface , waterproof and grounding protection measures.

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