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Maintenance of electric pallet trucks
2016-07-25 by liftstar
powered pallet trucks includes trucks for horizontal pallet transportation, loading / unloading and order picking. These compact pallet trucks are fast and powerful, with a focus on safety and ease of use. self propelled pallet truck structure is simple, but efficient use, daily life also depends on the maintenance, usually should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, the first maintenance should pay attention to safety, should pay attention to clean the site.
2, unplug the power, turn off the key, it should make the fork down to a minimum.
3, the hydraulic unit fuel should be emptied before refueling original oil to ensure that the entire hydraulic system is not affected.
4, the goal should always be to adjust the four screws on both sides to ensure that the gap between the door frame gantry and reasonable, thus ensuring the gantry in the gantry sliding up and down showing the horizontal position.
5, open the back cover, check the battery terminal connections, the amount of electrolyte, the terminals should be coated with grease to prevent corrosion.
6, rolling portion should always grease, foot brake not working replace the brake pads or casters.

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