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Power steering and self-propelled pallet truck
2015-04-13 by xiugai

As one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing enterprises,liftstar manual stackers Henningsen cold storage company uses the power steering PE in its Salem Oregon and Portland factory? 4500 series products. The use of Henningsen operator station driving pallet trucks to complete the loading and unloading trailer related work order picking operations, terminal and ship products import and cold environment.

"Power steering Crown- crown PE 4500 series of products to help us more efficient completion of operations,Post lift tables , we really appreciate the pallet car quality and durability, Henningsen cold storage company serving the engineering manager Pete Lepschat said," compared with other brands used before us, crown power steering in the range provides a more consistent feel and better control performance, which helps to improve the operator's confidence,electric order picker and they don't have to use the whole body to control and rotary pallet truck.

In addition, it also allows us to quickly transport products, it is very important for the storage environment of the sorting operation."

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