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Driving pallet trucks to enhance operator performance
2015-04-13 by xiugai
The new Bremen Ohio (February 12, 2015) as one of the world's largest material handling company,Quick lift Hand Pallet Truck crown Equipment Corporation through a new power steering optional device performance by the PE 4500 series of products,High Lifting stacker , which helps to improve operator comfort and performance. PE 4500 station driving pallet trucks are widely used in various fields. The most common in the terminal handling trailer or aisle order picking. The PE 4500 series of products are sold around the world.

The use of power steering Crown- crown PE 4500 series, the operator only needs to exert a small force in the control, at the same time,Hand lifter the stress of shoulder, arm and back under the smaller. The product has a speed sensitive steering and cornering automatic deceleration function,manual stackers can provide the steering force uniform, have better control of the vehicle and improve its stability, which helps the operator in the process of moving to remain confident and improve production. Power steering device is optional, but also to force the operator in the case of not increasing, experience in rubber drive tire traction and durability.

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