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Stacker wheels or drive motor speed significantly reduces severe overload cause: self propelled pallet truck
2015-02-27 by xiugai
The battery voltage is too low or too big pile head contact resistance; between the motor commutator segments coke cause a short circuit between the pieces; motor brake motors with improperly adjusted leaving braking operation; drive head gearbox and liftstar Electric fork over stacker bearing pedestal lack of lubrication or jamming; motor armature is shorted. Solution: Check the battery terminal voltage Stacker trailer coupling load or clean; clean up the commutator; adjust the brake clearance; check the cleaning and re-filling oil, remove jamming phenomenon; replacement motor.
2, Stacker crane lifting weak or can not reason: Gear pumps and pump mention excessive wear; improper high-pressure relief valve inside; oil pipeline spill; excessive oil temperature; mast carriage the existence of jamming; pump motor speed is too low. Solution: Replace worn or gear pump; readjust; check and repair; replacement of unqualified hydraulic oil and check the oil temperature of reasons; check and adjust; check the motor and troubleshooting.
3, electric stacker door frame Autotilt difficulties liftstar High Lifting stacker or action is not smooth reasons: tilt cylinder wall and seal excessive wear; valve spring failure within the stem; piston rod stuck in the cylinder wall or bending; tilt cylinders inside fouling too pressed too much or seals. Solution: Replace the O-rings or cylinder; replace qualified spring; replace damaged parts; cleaning adjustments.
4, less than the pump pressure or too slow. Cause: The pump cover slot ring damage, excessive internal leakage; gear wear; pump motor speed is reduced; there is blockage in the pipe. Solution: Replace; replace oil pump; check commutator, remove inter-chip coke, carbon brushes position adjustment; check the cleaning.
5, electrical operation is not unusual reason: electrical box Micro Switch damaged or improperly position adjustment; the main electrical control circuit fuse or fuse; low battery voltage; contactor singeing, or dirt poor contact caused by too much ; contact no action. Solution: Replace the micro switch, re-adjust the position; replace the fuse of the same type; recharged; repair contacts, adjust or replace the contactor; check whether the contactor coil circuit liftstar hand stacker breaker or replace the contactor.

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