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drums truck start: self propelled pallet truck
2015-02-02 by xiugai
Check to ensure that the battery is fully charged, and indicators lights. Insert the key into the lock power, clockwise, lift the emergency stop switch to start the Stacker.
2, drums Stacker forward / backward: The Stacker liftstar Electric fork over stacker control handle to his side pull, swing down an appropriate angle. (Left vertical position but not the pressure to the lowest position), then turn the two rotary switches with thumb: If this switch forward to, you Stacker forward, if this switch to turn back, the Stacker Back . Forward / reverse speed rotary switch thereby to control the size of the rotation angle, when you start small or when the surrounding space, in order to ensure safe, controlled rotation angle should be smaller, in order to slow down the speed. There are low-speed button, press the low speed limit on the handle.
3, drums Stacker fork lift: with your fingers press the control button on the handle rose painted marks, the fork rises; press the button down flag painted, the fork drop; then stop immediately after release lift.
4, beginning belly security: When Stacker back, such as body collision red belly switch, Stacker will stop immediately, and to reverse the direction of movement forward a short distance, which is mainly to prevent harm to your body being squeezed .
5, conventional parking Stacker: when you need Stacker smooth stop, loosen the thumb, rotary switch will automatically reset, this time by the controller generates a reverse current, Stacker minimum distance a further movement after a smooth stop.
6. Vehicle Charging: When the battery meter was Drum Trucks flashing signal, that "depleted" alarm, should be promptly charged. When charging, the first electric locks closed and the key is removed from the electric lock.

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