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low driving three stacking forklift self propelled pallet truck
2015-01-22 by xiugai
Usually equipped with a three-stacking head, do not need to turn the truck, fork rotation can be achieved and pick up the goods stacked on both sides liftstar Electric fork over stacker of the channel width of 1.5 to 2.0 m, lifting height of up to 12 meters. Truck cab can not always upgrade on the ground, taking into account the limitations of the operative field, mainly for lifting height of less than six meters working conditions.
⑥ three high stacking forklift driver
And low driving similar three-stacking forklift, driving three high stacking forklift is also equipped with a width of 1.5 to 2.0 m three stacking head, channel, lifting height of up to 14.5 meters. Its cab can be improved, the driver can clearly observe any height goods can also be picking operations. Three high stacking forklift driver in a variety of performance and efficiency are better than the low three-stacking forklift driver, so the car has been gradually replace the low three-stacking forklift driver.
⑦ electric tractor
Using a motor-driven tractor, with its towing capacity (3.0 to 25 tons), followed by pulling a few car loading cargo. Often used for Counter-balance Stacker transportation between the workshop or workshops bulk goods, such as automobile manufacturing warehouse to the assembly line of transportation, airport baggage.

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