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The type and classification of plastic tray factory
2016-02-15 by liftstar
Nine foot plastic tray plastic tray, mesh plain word, grid field word plastic tray, nine foot flat tray, tray on both sides of the grid, flat double-sided tray, Electric lifters , blow molding trays and so on.Column tray divided into fixed and removable type two. Its basic structure is tray four angle steel column, beams can link to the top of the column, forming frame type. Column tray, use of the column to support the weight of the material, Post lifter put to the stacked high; second, can prevent the goods placed on pallets in the process of transportation, loading and unloading, occurrence stack collapse phenomenon. Box pallet is surrounded by the side of the tray, some tank roof, the roof and some do not. The box board fixed, folding, removable three.

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