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Select Electric Stacker Electric Stacker basic
2014-10-29 by xiugai
Job Function Select Electric Stacker Electric Stacker basic job functions are divided according to the level of handling, stacking / pickup, loading / unloading, sorting. Can initially be determined from the company's product line from the company's business to be achieved in accordance with the job function. In addition, special operations functions will affect Stacker specific configuration, such as the handling of a roll, self propelled pallet truck, etc., electric platform stacker need Stacker installation appurtenances to complete special features.
According to operational requirements choose electric stacker tray or job requirements include specifications of goods, improve the general requirements height, operating channel width, climbing degree, but also need to consider the work habits (such as driving or stop driving habits sit), operational efficiency (different the efficiency of different models) and other requirements.

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