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Forklift refers pallet jack
2014-11-18 by xiugai
Forklift refers to various pieces of wheeled cargo pallet handling vehicles loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transport, heavy transport operations, the International Organization for Standardization ISO / TC110 called industrial liftstar hand pallet trucks vehicles, material handling machinery are widely used in the station various economic sectors, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, self propelled pallet jack etc., is a highly efficient mechanized equipment handling, stacking and short-distance transport. Self-propelled truck appeared in 1917. During World War II, forklifts develop. China from the early 1950s began manufacturing forklifts. Dalian Forklift Plant production in 1958 created China's first 5T internal combustion forklifts, named "W5- satellite number." October 1, 1959, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of China's first five tons of internal combustion forklifts as the new products in China's machinery industry, with the National Day parade through Tiananmen Square, the tenth anniversary of the National Day gift to the party and the country leaders report a success. The birth of China's first internal combustion forklifts, forklift in the manufacturing history of Chinese painting this white paper under a heavy sum, Dalian, China forklift truck became the originator and thus created a manufacturing history of Chinese forklift.
Technical parameters forklift is used to indicate the structural characteristics and performance of the truck. The main technical parameters: Rated liftstar hand stacker lifting weight, load center distance, maximum lifting height, mast tilt, maximum speed, minimum turning radius, minimum ground clearance and a wheelbase, track, etc.

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