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The pallet jack operation of the basic requirements
2016-04-07 by liftstar
A driver duties
1.1, the operation of the basic requirements: steady, accurate, fast, safe and reasonable.
1.2, familiar with the main parameters of the hand pallet jack , use, equipment, methods of operation and maintenance requirements.
1.3, strict compliance with the "crane driver jobs" transit vehicle safety technology and basic operation and maintenance requirements.
1.4, each crane before starting, driving warning signal must be issued.
1.5, the driver must be linked to work closely together in unison. Moving and lifting heavy objects, you should only obey the signals linked to work, but the "stop" signal Air scissor lift regardless of who sent, should be immediately stopped.
1.6, the controller should progressively start, stop completely before the agency is prohibited from being transferred to the controller for a direct hit reverse reverse braking. In case of emergency, the controller can be used to play a file in reverse brake.
1.7, skilled use of fire extinguishers.

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