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Self-propelled pallet truck safety issues
2016-04-22 by liftstar
self-propelled pallet truck can move on its own, safety issues must be addressed. What happens if the operator lets go of the handle, while the pallet jack is in motion? Or if the pallet jack runs into the operator while he is backing up? How can the operator warn people he is approaching? And, of course, we want a good ergonomic handle, to make pushing the buttons effortless, and to keep the operator’s wrists healthy during long hours of operation. automatic “Dead-Man” Feature: If the operator loses his grip on the handle, we want the pallet truck to stop quickly. One way to accomplish this is to have electromagnetic disk brakes automatically stop the wheels when the handle is dropped or released.
Belly Reverse Safety Button: If the pallet truck is moving toward the operator, we want it to stop quickly. This can be achieved by placing a large button on the end of the handle. If the button is depressed, as it would be if it runs into the operator, the disk brakes can automatically stop the pallet truck.

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