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Garage requirements for hydraulic jack technology
2016-03-14 by liftstar

1 tray bearing should provide a non slip surface. When the tray to the maximum lift height should be can limit.

2 jack ( liftstar forklift jacks )hydraulic system should be sealed well, seals shall be fixed at the seal leakage, motion only permits the oil film existence. Design of oil return valve should be ensure the operation safety and reliability.

3 Jack should prevent the safety valve of overload, the action of load should be set at more than 1.15. In the oil return valve as safety valve within the allowable range,

4 pallet jack should test load can be raised or lowered the 1Gn in the whole range of travel, its

operating mechanism should be flexible and reliable, may have implications for the use of
And safety of permanent deformation defects.

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