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a reasonable application of advanced technology to develop explosion-proof accessory products self propelled pallet jack
2015-02-02 by xiugai
Explosion-proof electric forklift design, to keep up with international advanced technology development, especially electronic, hydraulic technology developments in the field, such as: electronic surveillance products, hydraulic wet braking, etc. are no platform stacker domestic technology in the rational use of At the same time, to the related domestic manufacturer of professional and technical cooperation, development of key technologies to achieve localization of products, to develop its own technology to design and have to master the core technology and supporting the key vendors in close technical collaboration, so as not to appear to develop product because of the relatively low domestic manufacturers and technology platforms reach the technical requirements.
2, the development direction of the explosion-proof electric forklift
With the development of AC permanent magnet technology, explosion-proof electric forklift operation control system will also develop in the direction of AC permanent magnet, brushless maintenance-free due to their nature, avoid because clearing brushes powder and replacement brushes and open Explosion security risks caused by the body. On low speed dynamic performance can achieve constant torque control, constant power control can be high-speed efficiency, and with a variety of operating conditions of the energy recovery, anti-slipped, and other functions, the electric explosion proof forklift with a low current, low noise, high transmission efficiency security is strong, low temperature rise characteristics of advantages.
Explosion-proof electric forklift will use advanced electronic technology to continuously improve the level of protection of the machine, it has automatic protection capability in high intelligent control, the explosion of electronic components intelligence, integration, miniaturization.
Explosion-proof electric forklift in the overall design liftstar hand jack should have a user-friendly design ideas, and to improve driver comfort, easy maneuverability, reduce labor intensity of the driver, and to ensure rational distribution under the premise of the whole tipping safety performance, achieve handsome in appearance and effect.
Improve the technical standards of electric explosion proof forklift, corporate standards can not stay in the national standard level, just be satisfied to meet national standards on the line, companies must continuously improve manufacturing technology and product performance, develop high technical standards, in order to promote the national technical standards upgrade, eliminate backward enterprises, so that explosion-proof electric forklift manufacturing level holistic development.

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