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Forklift Battery safe use and maintenance of the six points self propelled pallet jack
2015-01-22 by xiugai
A routine inspection
1, the liquid level: below the rated level, will shorten battery life, and too little will result in the battery electrolyte heat damage, therefore, must always pay attention to the adequacy of the electrolytic solution.
2, terminal, wire, cover: You must always check the battery terminal junction, and the connection wires caused by oxidation due to corrosion, liftstar hand jack and check whether the deformation of the lid, is there fever phenomenon.
3. Appearance: battery dirty surface will cause leakage, so that the battery surface should be ready to clean and dry.
Second, the maintenance
1, add water: according to the level specified in distilled water, do not add water to prolong the interval and add too much distilled water, add too much water will overflow cause electrolyte leakage.
2, charging: the battery charging process will produce gas, the charge should be kept ventilated place, no fire around, while charging oxygen, acid gases generated in the process will have an impact on the surrounding. During charging unplug the charger plug arcing, after charging the machine turned off, unplug it before. After charging the battery stranded around a lot of hydrogen, does not allow any open flame, should open the cover on the battery charge.
3, terminal, wire, cover maintenance: must be liftstar electric riding pallet jack specified by the manufacturer of professional and technical personnel are available.
4. Clean: If dirty, you can clean it with a damp cloth, if very dirty, it is necessary to remove the battery from the car after washing with water to make it dry naturally.

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