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What are the main force of the company products
2015-10-12 by liftstar
I plant starting from 2009 began, has been doing a bucket truck, hand truck,reach trucks, as well as forklift trucks, platform trucks, drum handling machinery and fixtures and other closely related products, silently for Shop Lifter the majority of our customers to make contributions.
Hai Yi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. spirit of "customer-centric, talents as capital, market-oriented, depending on the integrity of life" principle, the implementation of "heritage professional and efficient service concept, efficient and timely service attitude, "the purpose, the integration of Yi Yu industrial group needed almost all industrial products and engineering equipment, advanced production quickly establish efficient service support system, to achieve fast performance of advanced material handling and industrial solutions, and actively explore China market and fight the Chinese areas of outstanding brand image.
After ups and downs in 2011, the 2012 sound the trip, the construction machinery industry began to stabilize and rebound gradually developing steadily toward restructuring, transformation and upgrading of roads. Stable market environment for the construction machinery enterprises to upgrade and increase R & D investment to provide a good environment, so that enterprises in the amount transferred by the quality of the development process continue to grow.

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