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Three bodies have rotary lateral stacking forklift forks manual drum stacker
2015-02-09 by xiugai
Three bodies have rotary lateral stacking forklift forks, fork from stacking operations can be performed in the transverse direction of the vehicle up on one side or both sides of the vehicle. Three ways to take forward layout stacking forklift mast, fitted with liftstar scissor lift table fork bearing mechanism fixed to the frame the front door frame, door frame does not have a front and rear tilt function. When the job, lateral travel forks and large loads, the mast to withstand greater lateral forces, it is often a three-column type mast structure. In the middle of the installation of the lateral column wheel to control tight corner I gantry group and the gap between the carriage.
Fork carrying device using rotary lateral institutions, both fork fork frame around the vertical axis as a 180 "rotation, but also with the fork frame around the door frame carriage lateral movement, the composite action of its operations.
Three stacking forklift lifting height up to the job 12m, to make such a truck running in a narrow roadway safety, in the lower side of the block on both sides of the vehicle has wheels, and shelves with groove bottom guide block to limit vehicle longitudinal stacker axis and angular error between the longitudinal axis of the roadway does not exceed 20, and has a role in preventing the vehicle from overturning; in roadway work can have automatic guided operation.

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