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Stacker is automated warehouse equipment inside access to goods
2015-06-26 by liftstar
manual stackers general points of single column and double-column structure by walking, lifting and fork to finish the job requires three drive mechanisms, using international advanced servo control system and absolute address system to recognize closed-loop control, with bar codes or laser rangefinder other high-precision recognition site, to achieve high-precision stacker operation. Stacker load up to 8 tons, the maximum travel speed up to 400m / min.

According to the track rail type can be divided into straight, curved track type, the transition type and fork type.
There are also equipped with a cab picking stackers and other types of stackers.
Stacker structure is stable and reliable, the vector variable frequency drive and encoder position control, mechanical and electrical double insurance device to ensure safety, the use of information delivery tracking technology, electrical components are imported products, a simple touch screen interface operation, achieved manually, automatic and single-line automatic control, with a variety of logistics equipment combine to form a complete logistics system.
Stacker is manually controlled by an operator via a push-button switch on the control panel, direct operation Straddle stackers horizontally running, loading platform lift forks access to the goods.

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