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Electric pallet trucks transporting goods in time need to be careful manual drum stacker
2015-01-17 by xiugai
Electric pallet trucks transporting goods in time need to be careful. Allowed to operate loading, cargo piled unsafe or unstable to pay attention to security and stability, to prevent dumping and rollover accidents. If you load the front cover of Counter-balance Stacker sight, reverse driving. Not use defective or damaged pallets, so prone to accidents. Note To pallets on specialized areas, may not be placed at random. Driving forklifts need to slow down in the corner, warning whistle, to prevent collisions. Increased attention should pallet lift height, because it will also affect the stability of the truck. Also note that to avoid the heavy load operation of the forklift damage, work long hours in a continuous process, should pay attention to the mediation breaks; Should insufficient load capacity, be sure to switch to a larger truck, not overworked.
When the pallet truck loaded onto a truck, the driver should pay attention to the total weight of the truck, and to ensure that the following matters: Ramps device on / under normal use trucks; truck tires were locked; there is enough space to accommodate the truck's door frame, if not accommodate, the door frame and the body needs to be loaded before the separation of transport.
When loading cargo, cargo size should be connected to adjust the distance between the forks, the average weight of the goods should be shared equally by the two forks to avoid partial load or truck cargo run to the side of slippage. Fork into the stockpiles, fork side walls should be in contact with the goods, then pour the door frame, the fork is raised from the ground and then travel about 200 mm.
Sharp high-speed driving is prohibited, liftstar Electric fork over stacker in driving the process, lifting or lowering prohibited goods, etc., under the absolute prohibition of someone lifting frame. Across more than 7 ° slope carrying goods should be at the top of the slope of the goods. Carriage of goods may be made to the brakes and slow speed when driving to prevent cargo slide. When transporting bulky cargo, cargo block the line of sight, the truck should reverse at low speed.
After non-stop to the engine idling and unattended, but not allowed to hang in the air cargo and the driver leaves the driving position. Battery pallet truck after stopping midway, when the engine is idling pour back door frame, when the engine stop the carriage should fall, and leaning forward to make the goods stand with. In the course of their work, that if a suspicious noise or unusual phenomenon, must immediately stop checks, take timely measures to exclude, in the absence of fault shall be excluded before continuing operation.
After a day of work, the fuel tank filler respond, so not only can drive out the moisture inside the tank, but also can prevent moist gas at night cemented soluble oil in water droplets. In addition, without the consent of the company leadership, no lift mover person shall use forklifts. In order to improve the life of the truck and prevent accidents, in order to maintain the best running forklifts and various parts of the normal operation, in the course of the machine must be strictly carried out regular maintenance.

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