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​Surface treatment of sheet metal stampings, said general chemical surface treatment.
2015-01-07 by xiugai
Pre-degreasing degreasing → → → cold hot water washing → pickling → → in cold water and cold water → surface adjustment → phosphate → cold water hot water → → → pure water and dried
The above process may also make appropriate adjustments based on oil, rust sheet metal stampings situation, with or without pickling process, with or without pre-degreasing. The degreasing and phosphate chemical treatment process is a key step, the two processes directly affect the quality of the workpiece quality chemically treated and rust coating. Relevant process parameters and related auxiliary equipment also affect the quality of surface __ reason can not be ignored.
1.2 Coating Process
As the project a wide range of machinery, specifications, machine weight, large parts, the general approach to spray paint. Spray tool air spray gun, airless spray gun, air-assisted spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun. Low air spray gun efficiency (about 30%), high-pressure airless spray gun paint waste, both common feature is more serious environmental pollution, it has been replaced by air-assisted spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun and being. As the world's first mechanical engineering company --- Caterpillar (CAT) company on the use manual drum stacker of air-assisted spray gun on the hood, such as sheet metal cover portable electrostatic spray gun is used. Engineering machinery coating equipment generally use more advanced water rotary spray booth. Small parts can also be used with or without a pump spray booth curtain spray booth, the former has advanced performance, the latter affordable, convenient and practical. Due to heavy construction machinery and parts machine, heat capacity, so its anti-rust coating drying, the general uniform baking hot air convection drying method. Heat can be adapted to local conditions, the choice of steam, electricity, light diesel oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
Two major painting equipment
2.1 through shot blasting chamber
By shot-blasting chamber consists of the cleaning chamber body, shot blasting, projectile circulatory system, ventilation and dust removal system, the bottom of the foundation and electrical control systems. Sizes can be designed according to different non-standard specifications of the workpiece, the device can also be used stereotypes.
By shot-blasting room for construction machinery structure, surface cleaning malleable pieces, strengthen, and thus obtain a certain roughness and smooth surface, increasing the coating adhesion, improve workpiece anti-corrosion effect. When the workpiece into the blasting chamber by a motor driven centrifugal blast wheel speed projectiles thrown, hand truck dolly the strong impact of the workpiece surface rust, scale. Workpiece uniform motion or rotation after several clean, surface quality can be achieved grade Sa2 ~ Sa2. 5 standards.

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