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AGV (automated guided vehicle, referred to as the AGV
2014-12-09 by xiugai
AGV (automated guided vehicle, referred to as the AGV), for industrial applications without a truck driver to be charged the battery for its power source. Usually can be controlled through a computer and its path of travel behavior, or the use of electromagnetic rail (electromagnetic path-following system) to set up their travel routes, electromagnetic rail adhesive on the floor, AGV then follow the track brought electromagnetic message to move with liftstar hydraulic hand truck the action.
In addition, such as: hydraulic support van (split into one of the cars and trucks, split hydraulic support vehicles, also known as trailer truck)
Hydraulic support truck: mining equipment, hydraulic support specifically for mining, mining and other large machinery and handling difficult design a special removal tool, use it not only to improve labor efficiency, and achieve a safe move, especially in the working face layout and mining face when moving, reflects its economy and convenience features.

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