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electric store positioner
2015-12-09 by liftstar
(1) is used to adjust the high quality requirements of important regulatory system to improve the positioning precision and reliability of the control valve.

(2) for a large pressure difference across the valve (△ p> 1MPa) occasions. By increasing the air pressure to increase the output power of the actuator to overcome the imbalance force generated by the liquid on the spool, to reduce stroke errors.

(3) When the transfer medium to high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, toxic, flammable, explosive, in order to prevent the external leakage, often the very tight packing pressure, and therefore larger friction between stem and packing, this time Delays can be overcome by the positioning.

(4) is adjusted medium for the viscous fluid or contains suspended solids, with the positioning of the valve stem can overcome resistance to movement of the media.

(5) for large diameter (Dg> 100mm) control valve, to increase the output thrust actuator.

(6) When the regulator and the actuator when the distance more than 60m, can be overcome by the positioning control signal transfer lag and improve the valve action reaction speed.

(7) is used to improve the flow characteristics of the control valve.

(8) A regulator controls two actuators carry out time division process control, available bothwork positioners, were treated with low input signal and a high input signal is a low drive actuator operation, another elevation action constitutes the points Cheng regulation.

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