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manual drum stacker its series products are developing in the trial production
2014-07-17 by xiugai
the electric forklift have experienced with the battery power consumption and the gradual decline in performance. Double drive before the full exchange balance weight type battery forklift because had the power to keep the function, so the operator can enjoy "had just finished filling the electricity" sort of strong power, its time to 40% longer than the existing forklift model.
Because ac forklift high performance, high reliability, free maintenance etc, and electric forklift around the world are from dc to ac manual electric pallet jack drum stacker technology transformation, the trend in the Chinese market has fully reflected, now China's many manual drum stacker factory are all developing communication. But in this field is still in its beginning stage in our country, several major domestic electric stacker enterprises use Dana Hector transmission company provide the ac drive system of the production of powered pallet truck its series products are developing in the trial production. Hefei, for example, to move hui technology development co., LTD adopts the ac drive system of four rounds of 1.5 t full ac drive forklift is beginning manual drum stacker to mass production. At present, the domestic main forklift manufacturers have developed a new ac drive forklift development plan. As China forklift market gradually integrate with the world market, ac drive forklift also presents the momentum of accelerated development, huge market potential and good prospect.

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