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obstacles truck manual drum stacker
2014-11-13 by xiugai
The more obstacles truck, mainly used for carrying away the obstacles handling operations across this truck can easily overcome obstacles Hand fixed lift table without harm to the truck and the operation is simple; hand pallet trucks feature: pump sealed as a whole manual drum stacker, the key components using the original German imports, with overload protection, the eradication of the shortcomings of the oil spill, the size of the piston rod chrome plated solid structure, with overload protection, decreased speed control valve with a whole piece, unlike the scattered parts, ease of maintenance, making the car more meet market demand. Moving parts fitted with alloy hub, able to absorb partial load, wear resistance, long life and easy replacement. Nylon roller entering and exiting the roller operator to reduce the force, and to protect the load wheels and forks; Descent Control valve with manual sealed pumps, steel fork performance profiles Counter-balance Stacker and structures, rise and fall , three position adjustable handle movement, have joined various activities at the oil.

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