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The history of manual drum stacker
2016-01-18 by liftstar
manual stackers , wind and skins, the earliest instrument for forced air blast fan and torch. Ancient Egypt had used with goldsmith pottery wind mouth blowing, the Incas sometimes with 8 ~ 12 copper pipes and blowing. Later, the invention of the blast bag made from animal skins, sac duct and both ends of which are respectively by the operator manual control of the air inlet. This simple blower is still used in some areas in modern times. The 18th dynasty of Egypt Leke Mir (Rekhmir. About 1450 BC) tomb murals have been painted with images of the tank shaped foot blower. Into the wind, Straddle stackers ,the operator with a rope hauled the skins and then stepped down, the wind is blown into the furnace, each furnace is equipped with a blower four, two opposite operation.

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