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Analysis of the style and use of the stacker
2017-05-22 by bridge
The Counter-balance Stacker is the main accessory in the automated storage system and can travel along the horizontal and vertical directions of the roadway between the three-dimensional shelves according to the computer instructions, and the goods on the goods are taken out or deposited with the fork.

Stacker has a single column, double column, turn type, light load type, extraordinary type. Suitable for high-level shelf storage
Single column structure is simple, can reduce the cost, simple and practical, easy to maintain; run fast, in the ultra-long high roadway full load operation, running and lifting speed can reach 150m / min and 45m / min, fork fork speed Fast to 30m / min. Suitable for high-level shelf storage.
Double column structure is stable, can increase the load and height and stability when lifting. Applicable to high-level shelves heavier cargo storage.
The turn stacker is equipped with a turning device that transitions from a roadway along a circular orbit to another parallel roadway. Applicable to more roadway, out of storage frequency is not high and need to save investment in the three-dimensional warehouse.
Light load type, also known as mini stacker. Simple structure, small size, light weight, low load on the ground requirements. Applicable to the cargo unit carried by the small size, light weight.
Super-type is a multi-fork structure, long load carrying capacity. Used for long rods cargo units, such as: pipe, bar and various profiles.

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