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New forklift or truck stop working long after
2016-03-16 by liftstar
New forklift or truck stop working long after, started within two weeks, for should be lubricated bearings when lubricated, should take advantage of all the new oil out of the oil Chen and lubricate more than twice. removing the tire on the rim rust paint, check the tires and tubes and flaps, transposition accordance with the provisions inflated. check the hand brake connection fastening parts, adjusting Semi Electric Stackers the hand brake lever and foot brake pedal stroke work. check the battery electro-hydraulic proportion, as inconsistent with the requirements, the charge must be removed. cleaning the tank and oil cooler. check the shelves, whether the frame deformation, washable wheel, all accessories are reliable fixed, restocking weld when necessary. dismantling the lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders and steering cylinder, replacement of worn seals.check the instrument sensors, fuses electric order picker and various switches, make adjustments when necessary.

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