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A pinion gear mounted on manual drum stacker the front of the crankshaft
2014-08-22 by xiugai
Rocker shaft: it is a hollow cylindrical shaft, with a number of bearings installed in the cylinder head, the rocker arm shaft kit, and can make the shaft swing arc. Shaft bore similarities with the main oil supply valve train lubricants.
Camshaft: used to control the closing time and opening variation of each cylinder valve. And drives the oil pump, fuel pump, distributor manual platform stacker drum stacker and other accessories. It consists of the intake cam, exhaust cam, journal, oil pump and distributor drive gear and driven fuel pump eccentric rocker made a whole.
Timing gear: usually by the crankshaft to drive the camshaft by a pair of timing gears. A pinion gear mounted on the front of the crankshaft, the crankshaft is known as gear. The large gear mounted on the front end of the camshaft, referred hand jack manual drum stacker to the camshaft timing gears. Than the size of the gears is 2:1, which is to ensure the crankshaft rotation for two weeks, camshaft revolution.
To ensure proper valve timing and ignition timing, two gears meshing corresponding position are engraved mark. To limit the camshaft at work with the axial engine speed changes arising ran, in the installation are equipped with axial spacing devices.

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