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How to buy a hand truck?
2017-02-20 by bridge
The goods can be divided into horizontal handling and vertical handling at the time of handling. With the compact body, the use of flexible, convenient and environmentally friendly is the necessary tool to meet the level of material handling. In general, the van can be divided into manual van, semi-electric van and all-electric van.

Manual hand truck
Manual truck in accordance with its appearance is different, can be divided into manual hydraulic pallet truck, high lift scissors van and electronic scales, such as van. Manual carrying vehicles have a large carrying capacity, is one of the tools for short-distance transport of heavy objects, is driven by the hydraulic system to achieve the goods up and down, and by the human pull to complete the transfer operation.
Semi-electric hand truck
The van is also known as a pallet truck. Semi-electric van is driven by the electric drive system to achieve the goods rise, the use of automatic principle of decline, by the manpower to complete the handling operations.
All electric hand truck
The principle of the rise and fall of the all-Electric lifters is the same as that of the semi-electric van. The difference is that all the operations of the electric truck are all operated by the electric power control system. No manual operation is required.

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