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Automatic Stacker Manual Control System
2017-02-13 by bridge
High Lifting stacker machine can achieve material stacking automation, not only need automatic stacking machine contains automatic electric control part, but also inseparable from the manual control part of the manual control part and automatic circuit control part of the combination, to better achieve our purpose. All the button switches are all installed on the console, the automatic stacker normal automatic operation, the console of these button switches do not need manual operation, when the machine is damaged or a part of the automatic switch failure and can not complete the automatic The action is that the need to manage the automatic stacker's staff in a timely manner to operate the console button, so as to replace the automatic program mistakes. When a cargo is stacked, the container should be manually operated by the driver and the stacker into the desired stack. In the choice of different heights, as long as the required degree of the switch can be automatically stacked.

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