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Handling vehicle main features are
2015-01-27 by xiugai
Truck also known as ground beef, is a short distance internal transport, handling and stacking of goods trackless vehicles. This vehicle is suitable liftstar semi electric stacker for railway stations, docks, airports, warehouses, construction sites, garages, which are handling hand truck dolly, local handling.
According to the structure and use of transport vehicles into truck, tractor and lifting three categories of vehicles, lifting the vehicle can also be divided into forklift trucks, side forklifts, reach trucks, straddle trucks, straddle, tray transport vehicles.
A) paid directly comparable handling more than 25% reduction in manual handling.
2) increase the cargo handling unit, saving transportation time.
3) reduce the damage to transport goods, improve the success rate of the product.
4) increase the height of the heap of goods, improve the utilization of stacking space.
5) reduce labor intensity and improve working liftstar pallet truck conditions.
6) good mobility, performance diversification, reduce other handling equipment, reduce overall transportation infrastructure investment.

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